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Our company DS Fire Protection System at Lucknow. India for fire safety measures and systems. Our offered services comprises installation and commissioning services of Fire Detection And Alarm System Installation Service, Sprinkler System Installation Service, Fire Fighting System Service, Fire System Testing Service, etc.
We are a high performing team that encourages creativity & recognizes each others Contributions and collaborations to achieve shared goals through entrepreneurship perseverance and enhancement of knowledge. As a company, we have a firm belief in providing best quality & most efficient services to our valuable clients. We at DS Fire Protection System are committed for providing the Services of world class products & systems as per specifications, on time and at reasonable price. We strive hard to meet the changing demands of our clients and are determined to be better in this competitive arena in terms of quality, cost & delivery.
Fire safety in building has become a very important point while construction and maintenance. A normal office building has fire in the form of a big quantity of papers & furnishing in various buildings like hospitals, laboratories, auditoriums, libraries, museum etc. These buildings require fire safety provisions as per their occupancy and importance irrespective of their height. The motto of fire safety measure is to provide maximum protection to life of occupants and property. The fire fighting measures depend upon the occupancy, use, height and area of the Building. The design and installation of a fire fighting system is executed on turnkey basis with utmost precision in order to ensure proper performance at the time of fire. How so ever intense may be the desire to construct a building, factory, premise which will be completely fire proof and whatsoever may be the means of construction , it has to be borne in mind that to construct an absolutely fireproof building is an impossibility . All Materials, whether concrete, stone or brick, are adversely affected when they are subjected to very intense heat. What can be achieved within normal means is to ensure that the area or building does not suffer a total collapse in an ordinary Fire. Whenever some building regulations regarding fire are laid down, it has to be understood very clearly that these minimum standards have been laid down in the interest of public safety and are not concerned with the preservation of the building or its contents. Our clients are from corporate & organization
After completing this tasks fire fighting is also protecting this. It have two parts
1 Fire Fighting System
2 Fire Alarm System.
1. About Fire Fighting System -- It have two sub parts.
1 Hidrant System.
2 Sprinkler System
About Hydrant and Sprinkler System are emerged through pump house. In pump house three pumps always be ready to start in auto and working situation.
As soon as the Sprinkler or Hydrant system of water got out and pressure got down immediately fire fighting pump has become automatically start and working fire stuff automatically or manually can be completed in any state.
Systems of care and under take maintanance and functioning of the system installation .Also Measers DS fire protection system provides its efficient workers and technicians, which does not gives any kind of mistakes and complains.
2. About Fire Alarm System -- Fire Alarm Systems is a system ensure the fire within the fire smouldering as the fumes and heat to make sense through its system blew away alarms which gives fire information 24 hours as a watchman.This work is also a part of work of Measers D/S Fire protection system.
Fire Extinguisher -- For first add fire fighting fire Extinguisher is very simple and cheap way but it can be able to stiffle minor fire. D/S Fire Protection System provides fire Extinguisher and also repairs and maintanance it. Measers D/S Fire protection Systems sales of Fire Fighting Equipments and their maintanances also be justified on the spot and installed institutions in their mente of workshop, All Equipment ,Pumps and Panel etc. of Fire Alarm system and fire fighting System are by well known technicians repairing.

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